Connecting with a Higher Power


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Each morning the sun starts rising again and needs to start as if it is its first day on this planet. We need to do the same if we want to connect with our higher power and start living a spiritual life each day. It as if we are starting at zero each morning. We get the opportunity to be free from yesterday’s mistakes and start with a clean slate each morning.

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The Spiritual Experience

I have always read about “the spiritual experience” I read so much about it. The Big Book of AA talks a lot about it, but I never knew what does it feel like?

Guess what?

I recently worked all 12 steps again as outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

As a result of working the steps I have had a spiritual experience as have gotten a new life. The books also talks about helping others and seeing them recover. I just finished going through all 12 steps with a sponsee, and have seen him change in front of my eyes, what an amazing blessing.

I hope and plan in the near future to start writing about each step and how I took and worked that step.

You are worth recovery, everyone is worth it.

Happy recovery!

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Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish all my followers a Happy New Year!

This shall be a year of growth and recovery… If you are sober, you should be able to stay sober and help others.

If you are still struggling, I feel your pain, and my heart goes out to you and your loved ones. May you find the strength to surrender to a Higher Power one day at a time and get and stay sober soon.

Happy Recovery and a fabulous 2013

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Spiritual Moments

I think and strongly believe, that a big part of recovery is recognizing our spiritual moments we have each day.

It doesn’t have to be anything great or a major epiphany, but its rather something small that happens to you, and if you are in touch with reality or your Higher Power (which I choose to call God) you just feel it, its like a little wow moment.

I think they happen to all of us all the time, we are just so busy with our lives that we don’t even stop or recognize them for what they are, if we can pause and see it it can transform our lives for the better.

Have you had one today? I did! If you did as well feel free to comment below about your experience.

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Growing Pains

Are you in pain? or Do you have a loved one that is?

Pain is never an easy thing to deal with, but it can bring us to a higher level of growth and recovery.

When we are in pain, we have a choice. We can either kick and scream and ask: Why me? Its not fair! or we can just accept it as a teacher and keep calm and collected. Go to friends for love and support, stay sober in all our programs, and see what we can learn from this experience. What is it that God is trying to teach us in this.

When we do this instead of blaming and kicking and screaming we can get to a new higher level of recovery and healing.

So if you’re in pain (and who’s not?) take this as a stepping stone to new growth and healing.




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Fellowship of the Spirit

What a wonderful gift it is to be in recovery. To see people, to hear them, to love them and to let them love you. Its just a wonderful feeling.

I just spent the evening with my AA sponsor, my sober brothers and sisters, and my extended sober family. My grand-sponsor was there too. It was “awesome”.

If you are new or still struggling with getting or staying sober all this fellowship stuff might just sound weird to you. And you might even be saying “thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need or want this”.

But the truth is: it is just such a beautiful gift. Especially seeing people who once thought the only way to have fun was to get drunk and high on everything sit and eat a sober meal talk and spend quality time together.

My life just feels wonderful today, and for that my God I am grateful!

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