Discomfort as a Catalyst for Growth, and Learning from the Lobster

A Lobster is a soft creature under a hard shell, how does the lobster grow under its shell, the shell doesn’t grow along with it. When the lobster starts growing enough and its uncomfortable in its current shell, it goes under a formation of rocks in the water, sheds its shell, and starts growing a new bigger shell, this process is repeated several times in a lobsters life.

The discomfort it feels in its own shell which has become to small for it, drives it to growth and to start growing a new bigger more comfortable shell.

The same is true with us humans, when we feel discomfort in our situations, we need to use it as a driving force to grow and build a new “shell” a better life for ourselves.

So today when we feel those uncomfortable feelings we should be grateful for the opportunity to grow from it, instead of shoving those feelings down with acting out because “I’m uncomfortable”. Instead I will look at the stuff that is making me feel uncomfortable and inventory myself and grow from it.


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