Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakenings are not always what we think they might be or this great “Ahaa” moment. Sometimes a spiritual awakening can take shape or form in a mini awareness or awakening.

Two days ago I had such an experience, I felt “stuck” for the last few months in my recovery, but I didn’t know what I needed to do, or how to proceed, when I spoke to my sponsor about it a month ago, he told me to talk to God and pray about it, I did a couple of time, but I didn’t get the answer at the time. Two days ago out of nowhere I got this crazy crystal clear awareness of where I am standing, and exactly what I need to do to grow and proceed in my recovery, its something I didn’t want to do and have been trying to avoid, but after getting the awareness and discussing it with friends in recovery I am ready to do it.

Actually I am happy and psyched up to do it!

Happy recovery :)

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