Do I Live to Work, or Work to Live?

As you can probably tell, I haven’t posted in a while, the reason being mostly me being busy and overwhelmed at work with the “holiday” season.

This morning as I am riding the subway to work it dawned on me to reflect a bit on what’s been happening and how being ovehwelmed with work is affecting my spirituality and my spiritual condition.

Its painful to acknowledge, but when I put my work before the spiritual principles, and before my recovery, my life suffers as a result.

I also realized that part of my working so hard before the holiday season is my codependency and lack of appropriate boundaries of knowing when to walk out and say I need to leave, I’m done with my work for today (of course the work will suffer and won’t get done then).

Another part of it is maybe lack of “complete” faith that God will take care of me, I am working extra hours, working hard, and expecting “something” in return from my company, not from God.

I am surrendering myself to God for just today, and will do his will today!

Today I will work to live life, and not just any life, but a life of recovery, honesty and integrity.

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