One Day at a Time!

What “One Day at a Time” means to me.

One day at a time is like me going up to the edge of the Grand Canyon and throwing in a pebble, which, practically speaking, means I do the recovery work for that day (calls to others, meetings, prayer, working with sponsees, helping others, readings, singing spiritual songs, writing, etc). The next day, I throw in another pebble; and the next day, another pebble.

Eventually, the Grand Canyon will be filled with my pebbles, but that will take a lifetime. There are some days that I want recovery and I want it now, meaning I want to be fully recovered, fully spiritual, but God is the one who gives me the pebble. He doesn’t give me a boulder because he knows I can’t lift it. He gives me a pebble, and that is all I need to live one day at a time.

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