Addiction is a Spiritual Deficiency

When a person is sick physically they usually go see a doctor, who takes blood work to find out what their problems are. If the person has a deficiency in certain nutrients the doctor then prescribes those nutrients that the body is lacking. If Iron is too low, they will prescribe Iron to counter the deficiency, if Vitamin A is low, they will prescribe that.

Addiction is a disease of Spiritual Deficiency our spirituality is deficiant and lacking and we feel sick, of course we have all tried to fill it up with the wrong things to fill that deficiency, some of us have tried alcohol, sex, drugs, food, gambling, internet gaming. It doesn’t really matter what we tried, whatever we tried we were looking to fill up that “void”, and nothing can fill that up until we fill it with the nutrients that were missing.

What we are really looking for is that spirituality, that can make us feel so much better than whatever else we tried, and that really works because just as in a physical illness the solution is always to give the body the nutrient that is lacking, the same is true for our soul sickness we need to feed it the nutrients it’s missing and that is Spirituality.

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